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Survivor 28 Spoilers

Thank you for the comments! Soon we will have Survivor 28 spoilers! Stay tuned for more details.


11 thoughts on “Survivor 28 Spoilers

  1. per Elissa … she announced this am that Hayden is in final four

  2. I heard that Tyson, Gervase, and Tina are Final 3, and that Tina wins. Now that you’re saying something different, I feel better, as I hadn’t hoped to be spoiled.

    I also heard that Colton pulls himself after his fiance gets out.

  3. liked this spoiler
    hope’s its Monica 😀

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  5. i think u have ur gays mixed up, lol…..

    the Spoilers said that after Caleb leaves,
    that Colton becomes so emotional that he Quits.

    • Colton already quit…caleb is still in this spoiler is wrong. So right now there qre only 2 more people…accordin g to this website that get the boot before the merge. Also when does redemotion island stop…this dorsnt make any sense…

  6. RI returnee is Laura M

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